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I attended the leadership and communication skills workshop conducted by Cdr Ravi. He is an inspirational leader himself and has brought in a lot of transformation in the way I am able to deal with people in my organisation.

Priya Francis
Program Manager, HR
( Leading Automobile Company)

I had the opportunity of attending the Communication Skills workshop conducted by Cdr Ravi. He is an excellent orator and he gives you lot of valuable inputs during his sessions. His defence background adds more value to his training programs . I am sure , anyone attending his programs will immensely benefit towards their progress in life

C Uthappa
Entrepreneur and President
Karnataka State Billiards Association

Communication plays a very important role in our day to day lives. Cdr Ravi’s training program was filled with fun and activities and i was immensely benefitted by attending his program

Property Manager

I found Cdr Ravi’s training program on Motivation and Communication Skills, totally out of the way.His sessions are well crafted and delivered with lot of passion and enthusiasm.

Ashok Goel
Leadership Trainer and Coach

Cdr Ravi’s session on Communication Skills was indeed mindblowing. The session was a totally “On the Job” experience with lot of take aways. Audience engagement was indeed entertaining.

Suma,  ITC Infotech

It was a complete transformation for me after attending Commander’s training program on Communication Skills. The session was full of exciting activities keeping the audience fully involved. I recommend people to enroll in his training programs.

Pushpendra, Entrepreneur

I attended Commander’s session on motivation and communication skills. The audience were kept engaged through role plays and activities. Well structured and highly  energetic presentation

Manish,  Corporate

Few Comments from Participants who attended Leadership workshop conducted on 28th Apr 2019

The session was highly informative, motivational and engrossing. Problem Solving methodology and Time Management concepts were good takeaways. I need to try the Ultradian Spirits and give a thought on team work.

I would definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues to attend this workshop, if conducted again. Fish bone problem solving concept was interesting and I would like to apply it.

I learnt how ANGER can be created and how to overcome and avoid anger.My self confidence improved after attending this session.

I understood what is collaboration and team work,WOW effect and Time Management concept.I have learnt prioritizing my works. Few more Videos may be included.

Managing Energy, Time and Communication Skills topics were well explained. Some more videos and role plays may be added .

Problem Solving methods,Golem effect, Listening Skill concepts, were very interesting and I shall try to apply them in my daily life.

The session was very interactive with involvement of all the participants. Group activities were very interesting .Nice take aways on Time Management & Problem Solving